Brainwaves and Magic Emoticon!

It’s official (offishal!). The new emoticon is up for next week! And…

If you’re wondering what the kids in this photo are doing…:


They are sending brainwaves.

When we play Lotto, the kids win if the French on their page is called. To increase the chances of this, they can send French “brainwaves” to the caller. (haha!)

(As seen in the photo above). Brainwaves must be:

a) Sent in the French language only. English brainwaves don’t work.

b) Silent. Brainwaves are not received while you’re talking.

c) Wave your hands in the air (wave ’em around like you just don’t care).

That is how we send brainwaves in French class. It’s silly, quiet and gets the kids thinking en Français!

Also- My apologies, parents. You may be shown a ziplock bag magic trick 500 times this weekend. Completely my fault.



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2 Responses to Brainwaves and Magic Emoticon!

  1. breanna says:

    Oh my gosh Madame fairley I can’t believe you posted this

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